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10 Must take pics in hospital

lifestyle newborn photography in studio, adelaide, south australia
lifestyle newborn photography in studio, adelaide, south australia

Beyond having a newborn there are so many firsts in the first 48 hours of your babies life outside the womb! I would love to capture fresh 48 pictures of your newborn, but unfortunately my family life does not allow for that at this time. Don't worry, I've got you! Here are 10 newborn photo ideas to take in hospital:

  1. The Process: Capture mums belly before giving birth, capture the monitoring machines in the room and take a picture of the clock when your baby is born!

  2. First Family Portrait: Capture the first family portrait with your newborn baby. Photos may be the last thing on your mind after having a newborn, but trust me looking back, you will love the memory of your fresh family and really appreciate how small your newborn baby was!

  3. Baby on Scale: Take a photo of your newborn lying on the scale that the hospital uses to measure their weight. This photo not only captures the precise weight of your newborn but also serves as a cute and memorable moment of their first weigh-in.

  4. Close-up of Baby's Face: Take a close-up shot of your newborn's face to capture all the tiny details like their eyes, nose, and lips. They change so fast!

  5. Baby's Tiny Hands and Feet: Focus on your newborn's tiny hands and feet. You can take individual shots of each hand and foot, as well as close-ups showing the details like fingers and toes. Include the hospital band on their hands & feet.

  6. Cradled in Parent's Arms: Take photos of your newborn cradled in the arms of mom, dad, or both parents. These shots are incredibly heartwarming and show the bond between parent and child.

  7. Baby's First Outfit: Photograph your newborn wearing their first outfit. Whether it's a cute onesie, a special outfit gifted by family or friends, or even the hospital swaddle, this photo will be a cherished memory.

  8. Hospital Bassinet: Take a photo of your newborn in the hospital bassinet. This photo will serve as a reminder of the early moments spent in the hospital room.

  9. First Feeding: If you're comfortable, capture the first feeding moments, whether it's breastfeeding or bottle feeding. These moments are precious and fleeting.

  10. Sibling Introduction: If you have older children, capture their first moments meeting their new sibling. These photos are often filled with emotion and excitement.

Remember to use natural light whenever possible and keep the atmosphere calm and relaxed to capture the most authentic moments. This photo can be a great addition to your newborn's album, showcasing their growth and development right from the start. Even if your partner or nurse takes these photos on your phone, the memories are worth cherishing forever!