Newborn Studio Prep

This may be our newborns first outing

lifestyle newborn photography in studio, adelaide, south australia
lifestyle newborn photography in studio, adelaide, south australia

A newborn shoot may be you and your baby's first outing, and so can be super stressful and overwhelming for the whole family. Here are the steps that I follow to ensure that you and your baby is as comfortable as possible during your session. As I prepare the studio for your precious newborn shoot, every detail matters. It's not just about setting up equipment; it's about crafting an environment that nurtures the delicate essence of a newborn.

1. Cleanliness: First and foremost, cleanliness reigns supreme. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about ensuring the baby's safety and well-being. All my wraps, blankets & baby clothing are washed with baby sensitive detergent after each session.

2. Warmth: Temperature control is crucial. I adjust the heater throughout the session according to wraps, layers of clothing etc. to ensure that your newborn is super snug throughout their shoot. This also helps them to stay sleepy during the session. Newborns are sensitive to cold, and comfort is paramount.

3. Comfort: Posing equipment is arranged with precision. Pillows and bean bags are strategically placed to cradle the newborn, offering support without intrusion. Each wrap, blanket, basket and outfit is meticulously chosen to not only be photogenic but also safe and gentle against your newborns skin.

4. White Noise: I use white noise, recreating the comforting sounds of the womb. It's a subtle touch that soothes both baby and parents, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility amidst the flurry of excitement.

5. Feedings & Changing: I allow plenty of time during your session booked to feed and change your baby when needed to ensure that your baby is settled and so that the session does not feel rushed, all contributing to a calming atmosphere which babies certainly pick up on.

6. Scent: Newborns can be overwhelmed by scent very easily, and so I don't use any room spray, fragranced candles or diffusers during a newborn session. I also personally refrain from wearing perfume as to not overwhelm your newborns senses.

7. Baby Led: Newborns have a rhythm of their own, and I surrender to their pace, allowing every moment to unfold naturally. I follow your baby's cues and work with them to setup poses. I also have a workflow that allows the least transition for your baby as to not overstimulate them during the session.

In the end, it's not just about capturing images; it's about preserving memories. With every click of the shutter, I strive to immortalize the fleeting innocence of infancy, knowing that these photographs will be treasured for a lifetime.